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Feats At Five Podcast.
In keeping with the long standing tradition within the Little Feat Grass Roots Movement, there are still folks out there keeping the
music of Little Feat alive for all to hear.  Radio legend, Gary Bennett, has been involved in commercial radio for too long to
remember. He has hosted the weekly radio show called "Feats At Five" continuously for over 20 years and has enjoyed a long-time
friendship and association with Little Feat.  What started as a weekly local FM broadcast originating from St Louis, Mo, has now
evolved into a world-wide effort, featured on  Feats At Five podcast.

Gary is a true Feat fan, whose love of the music is reflected in the structure of the broadcast. The show combines material both
from the band's studio output, along with live shows culled from the band's tape vault. Songs for the first half of the show are
taken from the vast library of studio material (including some unreleased gems), and the second half, ”Off The Board", is from live
shows emanating from the groups massive vault of live performances.  Feats At Five began as a small local labor of love has now
evolved into something far beyond that--going from introducing the band at local shows in St Louis, Gary is now sharing his devotion
of the music to a world wide audience.

So check out the fruits of Gary’s labor every week, and be prepared to experience one man's quest to share the special mission he
has undertaken, to keep the music of Little Feat alive for generations to come.
Welcome to Feats At Five.com. Feats At Five is a weekly show, devoted exclusively to the music of Little Feat,
which broadcasts from St Louis to listeners across the world.
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